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Bawe Tropical Island is ideal for those looking to escape a hectic lifestyle. The island possesses all the alluring dreams of isolation, remoteness and getting away from it all. There are many things that you cannot find on the island, things that serve no purpose such as televisions, shoes and news. For those who are seeking seclusion from overcrowded schedules, no other paradise is more enchanting where refinement is combined with so much poetry and imagination. Dreamers will lie away on the beach or by the freshwater swimming pool, basking in the sun, without a care in the world. The resort is so quiet and discrete that guests will think of it as their own private paradise. For those seeking romantic unspoiled beaches, Bawe Tropical Island is the place for adults and children ages 16 years and older.

Bawe Tropical Island

호텔 편의 시설

호텔 편의 시설

  • 총 객실 수 - 16 

객실 편의 시설

  • 발코니 
  • TV 

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