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  • 디럭스 더블룸

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    • 26제곱미터
    • 시내 전망
    • 3명
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  • Funny Suite

    객실 편의 시설

    • 36제곱미터
    • 시내 전망
    • 5명
    • 킹사이즈침대 1개
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  • 스탠다드룸

    객실 편의 시설

    • 23제곱미터
    • 시내 전망
    • 3명
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3/5 괜찮아요

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2017년 10월에 1박 숙박함

4/5 좋아요

Happy face icon좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
Very cool, very Asian hotel, but far from airport.
Although not at all close to the airport (45 minute drive), the surrounding area was really cool-- it reminded me of Tokyo. In fact, the whole hotel reminded me of Tokyo. Although hotels.com advertises a shuttle, there is not one. You have to take a taxi, which was annoying, because the whole reason I got the hotel was because I thought there was an airport shuttle. Hotels.com also says there was a bathtub, but there wasn't one, which wasn't a big deal to me. There's no separate shower-- just a showerhead in the bathroom, which might be weird for some people, especially westerners. The service was excellent. The person at the front desk spoke fair English. My friend and I were dying for a pizza but nervous to call anywhere because our Korean is awful, so the front desk actually called a place and had it delivered to our door! I would definitely stay there again if I was just visiting the area, but it wasn't a good choice to stay during my overnight layover.

3/5 괜찮아요

Easy to find the hotel and convenient A little bit noisy as nearby bars & restaruants overall not bad

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