Epicurean and romantic are the best words to describe Langdon Hall. Romantic with its gracious interiors of warm tones- silky fabrics and wood paneling detail- its tranquil grounds and gardens- where one can sit under a century old Elm tree sipping fine wine or relax by the lily pond reflecting the elegant lines of the manor. And epicurean with its exceptional cuisine. In the kitchen- every detail counts for young chef Jonathan Gushue- who even makes his own butter- and as a result- each meal is an unforgettable moment. As a devotee of French cuisine- his favourite ingredients include truffles- foie gras- frogs legs- snails and artisanal cheeses all of which he turns into sophisticated compositions that match the elegance of the setting. For added relaxation- the spa offers the very best in body and beauty therapies. Just an hour and a half drive from Toronto and the Niagara area- this is the address for those who love beauty. The hotel will be closed annually for the first week of January. CLUB 5C- Hotel welcomes Relais and Chateaux Club 5C members with a VIP Welcome and a Discovery Privilege. Please include the Club 5C membership number in the reservation and please show your Club 5C membership card on arrival.

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

1 Langdon Drive Cambridge ON N3H 4R8

호텔 편의 시설

호텔 편의 시설

  • 24시간 프런트 데스크 
  • 아케이드/게임룸 
  • 객실 수: 52 
  • 층 수: 3 
  • 탁아 서비스 
  • 바/라운지 
  • 비즈니스 센터 
  • 회의 공간 
  • 엘리베이터 
  • 헬스클럽 
  • 회의실 
  • 벨보이 서비스 
  • 레스토랑 
  • 사우나 
  • 금연 시설 
  • 스파 욕조 
  • 야외 수영장 

가족 여행 편의 시설

  • 야외 수영장  
  • 탁아 서비스  
  • 아케이드/게임룸  
  • 시설 내 미니골프  
  • DVD 플레이어  

객실 편의 시설

  • DVD 플레이어 
  • 유료 영화 
  • 벽난로 
  • 에어컨 
  • 전화 
  • 커피/티 메이커 
  • 매일 객실 정돈 
  • 헤어드라이어 
  • 다리미/다리미판 
  • TV 
  • 룸서비스 

근처 즐길거리

  • 낚시 
  • 시설 내 미니골프 
  • 골프 
  • 구내 테니스장 


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