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  • 디럭스 하우스, 침실 2개

    객실 편의 시설

    • 130제곱미터
    • 침실 2개
    • 산 전망
    • 4명
    • 킹사이즈침대 1개
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  • 콘도, 침실 2개, 욕실 2개

    객실 편의 시설

    • 111제곱미터
    • 스튜디오
    • 골프장 전망
    • 4명
    • 킹사이즈침대 1개 또는 싱글침대 2개
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  • 콘도, 침실 3개, 욕실 2개

    객실 편의 시설

    • 125제곱미터
    • 침실 3개
    • 골프장 전망
    • 6명
    • 킹사이즈침대 1개, 퀸사이즈침대 1개 및 싱글침대 2개
    자세히 보기
평점 5 - 훌륭해요. 22개 이용 후기 중 5개
5 - 훌륭해요 23%
평점 4 - 좋아요. 22개 이용 후기 중 9개
4 - 좋아요 41%
평점 3 - 괜찮아요. 22개 이용 후기 중 4개
3 - 괜찮아요 18%
평점 2 - 별로예요. 22개 이용 후기 중 4개
2 - 별로예요 18%
평점 1 - 너무 별로예요. 22개 이용 후기 중 0개
1 - 너무 별로예요 0%


청결 상태


직원 및 서비스


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숙박 시설 상태 및 시설

4/5 좋아요

가족 여행
2020년 1월에 3박 숙박함

4/5 좋아요

Happy face icon좋아요: 청결 상태
2020년 11월에 7박 숙박함

4/5 좋아요

아이를 동반한 가족 여행, 가족 여행
Happy face icon좋아요: 청결 상태, 편의 시설/서비스
Overall our experience in unit DP9 at Desert Princess was very good. The location is amazing, the pool right outside the unit was perfect and the view is gorgeous. The unit has everything you need and a couple of perks as well. When we stayed in Feb 2020, the unit could use some maintenance. The screens need fixing, but they worked. One of the screen doors was missing a handle, but we just didn’t use that door (there are 3 screen doors). The washer and drier were quite small and there was not enough silverware, which for a 3 bedroom unit with 6 people, got annoying. Our only bigger issue was how hard the water is. The desert is going to have hard water, but the unit does not have a water softener. So our skin and especially our hair got very dried out. Overall, we would definitely stay again.
2020년 2월에 7박 숙박함

2/5 별로예요

Sad face Icon별로예요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
Poorly Maintained and Dirty!
This trip was an 80th birthday celebration for my mom as Palm Springs is one of her favourite places to visit. When we entered the unit, there was a welcome tray with 3 hershey's kisses and bottle of wine for us. This was a nice touch, but probably the only good part of our stay as it was downhill from there. We were all so very disappointed with this condo. The carpeted areas and insides of closets were dirty, the TV in one bedroom did not work at all, we are pretty tech savvy but it was complicated to turn the TVs on even with the instructions, the drawer handles in the bathrooms were dusty and grimy, the inside of the drawers in the kitchen were so very dirty we didn't want to use the utensils, the washer smelled so bad that we did not wash our clothes in it (we had to put towels in it before we left and had to ask for laundry detergent to do so), blankets we were going to use had hair on them and looked like they had not been washed. We had to buy our own toilet paper as there was not enough in one bathroom but nowhere on the listing or paperwork that followed were we told about this, and the list goes on. On our final day, the wifi was not working so we could not check on our flight time. This is a condo that is normally rented through home away, it seems, but was advertised on hotels.com perhaps because it was available. The listing was misleading and we felt we paid good money for a very poorly maintained unit.
2019년 4월에 5박 숙박함

3/5 괜찮아요

Happy face icon좋아요: 객실의 편안함
Sad face Icon별로예요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설
2018년 8월에 3박 숙박함

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