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    • 히카두와 비치 - 도보 1분
    • 히카두와 산호초 - 도보 1분
    • 히카두와 국립 공원 - 도보 16분
    • 자연 월장석 광산 - 차로 16분
    • 구루싱허 월장석 광산 - 차로 17분


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    • 코랄 락 바이 아마야 호텔
    • 코랄 락 바이 아마야 히카두와
    • 코랄 락 바이 아마야 호텔 히카두와
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    서비스 및 직원
    숙박 시설 상태

    4/5 좋아요

    • 좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 객실의 편안함

    5/5 훌륭해요

    • 좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함

    Lovely hotel on the beach in centre of town

    Happy holiday but our pool side room was very small but worth it for the wonderful view of the ocean. Good food in dining room with helpful friendly staff.

    4/5 좋아요

    Directly on the beach, and good resturants near by

    We had booked 14 days and we where very happy with the hotel. The staff was very nice an helpful, and made us feel very welcome. The area is also very nice, and not to many people on the beach so this is an area where you can enjoy an nice vacation on the beautiful beach.

    좋았던 점: Hotel is not 5 star, its an little worn some places. But it has some charm and the location is worth 5 stars. Good breakfast also.

    위치: There are so many things to see in Sri Lanka, and from this area you can hire an Tuk Tuk or an guide to explore.

    4/5 좋아요

    • 좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 객실의 편안함

    5/5 훌륭해요

    • 좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함

    beatiful place

    Luckily not one oft the big complexes around. Still all the service provider one needs. Vers polite statt with not only the standard Chatter but also some inside tips e.g. about surfing. Make sure you do not geht a room close to the noisy road. Geht one with the balcony fqcing the ocean.