Travel Guide
Explore the fourth-smallest country in the world when you swim and snorkel at pretty beaches and hop between the atolls of this island group in the South Pacific.

Tuvalu is a tiny but delightful tropical paradise made up of nine different islands. Stroll along palm tree-shaded beaches and discover magnificent reefs and atolls strewn with multicolored coral beds. Go snorkeling with sea turtles or sail around uninhabited islands to spot seabirds. Discover World War II wrecks and relics and experience Tuvaluan culture when you meet the locals and check out traditional handicrafts.

The low-lying island group has a handful of major islets and atolls. The largest of these is Funafuti, with its main village of Fongafale. The Funafuti Conservation Area on the island’s western side contains some of the country’s most spectacular reefs and island habitats. Go snorkeling or scuba diving and see tropical fish and sea turtles up close. You’ll be amazed at the multihued coral gardens and the marine sanctuary’s biodiversity. Relax in the conservation area’s beautiful lagoon or peer into the clear waters from a charter boat.

Many of the Tuvaluan islands are strung with postcard-perfect beaches, where white sands are met by the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean and palm trees sway overhead. Stroll along the beach or join locals in a game of te ano, which is similar to volleyball.

If you have an interest in World War II history check out Tuvalu’s United States troop stations. In Fongafale and nearby the village of Nanumea, you can see airstrips, plane wrecks and war bunkers. Check out the impressive stamp collection on display at the Philatelic Bureau on Funafuti. Near the airport, you can visit the Tuvalu Women’s Handicraft Centre and peruse a fascinating collection of local crafts, which include woodcarvings and woven ornaments.

Experience more of Tuvalu’s unique local culture during special occasions at the Maneapa (town hall), where you can see traditional dancing and customs.

You can fly to Tuvalu’s main airport on Funafuti and reach the different islands by boat. Rent a motorbike to get around the larger islands or explore the small villages and spacious beaches on foot.

For unbeatable marine adventures and a rich local heritage, Tuvalu is an idyllic island getaway.