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  • If you find an issue with your booking or have multiple itineraries for the same trip, you may be able to change or cancel your booking, most often online.

    To change or cancel your booking online

    1. Go to your itinerary page.
    2. Locate the manage booking section in your itinerary.
    3. Select the Change or Cancel link and follow the instructions.

    If you cannot change or cancel online

    If you cannot locate the Change or Cancel link in your itinerary, or cannot successfully complete the change or cancellation online, this usually means:

    • Your booking is not changeable or cancellable.


    • Your booking cannot be changed or cancelled online.

    Please contact us for assistance.

    Good to know

    • Some changes or cancellations are subject to fees. See Change or cancellation fees for details.
    • Some bookings are non-refundable. If you cancel a non-refundable booking, you will not receive a refund. See Refund process and timelines for details.
    • Prior to initiating a change or cancellation, please review the detailed rules and restrictions in your itinerary.
    • If you have difficulties finding your itinerary, please read View or find your booking.
    • If you don't check in during your hotel's check-in hours, or never show up without canceling first, the hotel may charge you a no-show penalty fee. This fee can vary, so check the Rules and restrictions in your itinerary for your hotel's policies.

    Still need help?

    If you need assistance, please contact us.

  • In general, you can use a copy of your itinerary also as a receipt.

    You can also view and print a standard receipt for your booking directly from your itinerary page.

    If you know your itinerary number

    1. Go to the Itinerary page.
    2. Enter the email address you booked with and the itinerary number.
    3. Select Find Itinerary to view and manage your booking.
    4. In the Price Summary section, select View receipt.
    5. To print the receipt, select the Print

    If you forgot your itinerary number

    1. Go to the Forgot your itinerary page.
    2. Enter the email address you booked with.
    3. Select Send Itinerary to receive an email listing your active and completed itineraries.
    4. Retrieve your itinerary number from the email, and follow the steps described above to view and print your receipt.

    Still need help?

    If you need assistance, please contact us.

  • What it means

    If you started to book travel on our site with a credit card but did not complete the transaction or cancelled the booking, the amount of the travel cost may show up in your bank account as a pending charge.

    How it works

    Your bank puts this amount on hold, to be ready in case the transaction goes through and the booking is completed. This pending charge might come from us or directly from the supplier. It disappears when the booking is finalized and the full amount has been paid, or it expires after a few days. In the meantime, however, it may prevent you from using your card for other purchases if you don't have sufficient funds to cover them.

    What to do

    1. Check your bank account balance a few days after you booked your trip.
    2. If the authorization charge is still there, contact your bank to release the funds.
    3. If you made several bookings and have multiple authorization charges, the bank may lock your account. In this case, contact your bank to unlock your account.
  • How it works

    • Some bookings are non-refundable. For these bookings, you will not receive a refund if you change or cancel.
    • Some bookings are refundable. For these bookings, you may be eligible for either a partial or full refund if you change or cancel.
    • If your booking is eligible for a refund, we usually process the refund within 24 hours.
    • After we process your refund, it may take up to 7 days for your financial institution to post the credit to your account, and up to 2 billing cycles for that credit to show on your statement.
    • Once we initiate your refund, we will email you a refund receipt with details regarding the refund amount, how, and when you'll get your refund.
    • In general, you will be refunded in the same form of payment and currency you used when booking.
    • Please check the rules and restrictions in your itinerary for refund details prior to initiating a change or cancellation.
  • During times of travel disruption, we recommend you check your airline's website for the status of your flight. If you need to change or cancel your booking due to this event, read on for instructions.

    If you need to change your flight-only booking

    If you have booked on Low Cost Carrier airline, please be aware that Expedia cannot access your booking to make any changes or cancellations. Please contact the airline directly via their website or using the instructions in your confirmation email. Expedia can make alterations to your non-flight items, although we recommend you make changes to your flights direct with the airline before calling us to make changes to the non-flight items of your package booking.

    Before calling Expedia to change your flight, please consider the following as it may help us handle your call quicker:

    • Check the airline policy coverage and rebooking requirements.
    • Prepare potential dates for rebooking your travel according to the policy coverage.
    • Policies may change or be added at the discretion of the airline. Check for updates before finalizing your rebooking options.

    When you are ready to change your non-LCC flight booking, please contact us and one of our Expedia Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you. To speed up the process, please have your itinerary number ready.

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