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인기 명소신하오산공원차로 2분
인기 명소칭다오 맥주 박물관차로 3분
인기 명소Qingdao Catholic Church차로 3분
공항칭다오 (TAO-류팅 국제공항)차로 31분

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    땡큐 호텔의 경우 칭다오에 위치해 있습니다. 쇼핑을 제대로 즐기고 싶으시다면 믹시 쇼핑몰, 하이신 광장에 가보세요. 신하오산공원, 루쉰 공원에서는 현지의 아름다운 자연을 만끽하실 수 있습니다. 칭다오 동물원, 칭다오 언더워터 월드도 놓치지 마세요.

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    • 신하오산공원 - 차로 2분
    • 칭다오 맥주 박물관 - 차로 3분
    • Qingdao Catholic Church - 차로 3분
    • 게스트 하우스 - 차로 3분
    • 칭다오 동물원 - 차로 7분


    • 칭다오 (TAO-류팅 국제공항) - 차로 31분 거리

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    • 땡큐 호텔 호텔 칭다오

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    Cheap and Quiet

    Cheap and quiet.


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    Shangkeyou Express Inn in Qingdao

    In all fairness to the hotel, when I booked the Shangkeyou Express Inn, I wasn't expecting the Hilton. The rooms in the ad showed that the rooms were plain, but livable. And for the cost, again, I was not expecting much. One of the young ladies could speak some English, so that was helpful. But on the second day of my stay, I noticed some blue stains on my pillow. It turns out they use a pillow that has some kind of blue stuffing that when wet, reacts and stains things. I showed this to the staff, and they wanted to charge me if the stains didn't come out! They claimed it never happened before. So when I got new bedding, sure enough, it happened again, so this time, I washed it out and didn't tell them to avoid a conflict. Maid service is non existent. Someone does come around to clean up, but it is not like what you'd normally expect. The beds are hard. They give you a soft mattress, but it might as well be a comforter. The WiFi is not too bad, but it does cut out from time to time, so be careful if you are downloading something or video chatting. The room itself is old. The air conditioner works. If you are just looking for a place to stay while you get yourself oriented in Qingdao, it is a cheap place to do so. The main road is two blocks from the hotel, and McDonald's, KFC and any banking needs.