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  • 아파트, 침실 2개

    객실 편의 시설

    • 침실 2개
    • 시내 전망
    • 6명
    • 더블침대 2개 및 더블사이즈 소파베드 1개
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  • 스튜디오

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    • 스튜디오
    • 시내 전망
    • 2명
    • 더블사이즈 소파베드 1개
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  • 아파트, 침실 1개

    객실 편의 시설

    • 침실 1개
    • 시내 전망
    • 4명
    • 더블침대 1개 또는 더블사이즈 소파베드 1개
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평점 5 - 훌륭해요. 11개 이용 후기 중 1개
5 - 훌륭해요 9%
평점 4 - 좋아요. 11개 이용 후기 중 0개
4 - 좋아요 0%
평점 3 - 괜찮아요. 11개 이용 후기 중 3개
3 - 괜찮아요 27%
평점 2 - 별로예요. 11개 이용 후기 중 2개
2 - 별로예요 18%
평점 1 - 너무 별로예요. 11개 이용 후기 중 5개
1 - 너무 별로예요 45%


청결 상태


직원 및 서비스


편의 시설/서비스


숙박 시설 상태 및 시설

1/5 너무 별로예요

Sad face Icon별로예요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
No Wi-Fi at all despite it being advertised, which meant we could not use our laptops despite being there for a work trip! No air conditioning and no fans provided either. No bin bags available for rubbish. No toilet roll….no bedside lamps, no towels. Curtains were 2 foot too short so changing in the bedroom was impossible. Broken lights, only one working. The apartment is extremely noisy as it is so close to major road. Due to having no air conditioning in the apartment we had to sleep with the windows open, so near enough impossible to sleep, and the wooden floor was filthy and appeared to have not been cleaned in weeks. Walking from the bathroom, through the hallway and then to the bedroom; I may as well have been walking outside on the street barefoot. The shower is a hand held unit, which does not stay up, and the sofa, appears to be two car seats pushed together; which were ripped and very old. Only 2 sockets working in the place (we think they were old wiring as none of the European adaptors fitted…only in the sitting room) The flat had just had a coat of emulsion splashed on it – it smelt of paint. That coupled with, what you thought you had booked, only to receive an email the day before advising of a different address and to call a porter when you are 15 minutes away who can meet you. For what they are these apartments are far too expensive and there is zero customer service. I would not recommend anyone to stay here ever. It’s is simply shocking.
2019년 6월에 3박 숙박함

3/5 괜찮아요

Happy face icon좋아요: 청결 상태, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
Sad face Icon별로예요: 직원 및 서비스
The apartment was very comfortable and conveniently located. I received my keys in a timely manner and the person showed me the apartment very quickly and efficiently. The service after that wasn't great. I called because I needed wi fi and it took almost 4 hours for me to get the information after texting 5 times. Then I was given the wrong wi fi password which delayed me another hour. Then the curtain rod fell out in the bedroom and I texted the afternoon it happened. I didn't get any response at all, to any of those texts from Thursday afternoon forward asking for them to come and fix it. I left Monday morning and had no communication from the person.
2019년 5월에 5박 숙박함

2/5 별로예요

Happy face icon좋아요: 청결 상태
Sad face Icon별로예요: 직원 및 서비스, 객실의 편안함
Basic service would not hurt
The location in the center of the city is convenient but EXTREMELY noisy (I was there during the FIF). The flat is extremely small. They did not even provide sheets for the convertible couch and did not even return my call when I asked about it...
2019년 5월에 5박 숙박함

1/5 너무 별로예요

Sad face Icon별로예요: 직원 및 서비스
2019년 3월에 3박 숙박함

3/5 괜찮아요

Sad face Icon별로예요: 청결 상태
Over rated for the money.
2016년 5월에 3박 숙박함

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