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평점 5 - 훌륭해요. 4개 이용 후기 중 3개
5 - 훌륭해요 75%
평점 4 - 좋아요. 4개 이용 후기 중 1개
4 - 좋아요 25%
평점 3 - 괜찮아요. 4개 이용 후기 중 0개
3 - 괜찮아요 0%
평점 2 - 별로예요. 4개 이용 후기 중 0개
2 - 별로예요 0%
평점 1 - 너무 별로예요. 4개 이용 후기 중 0개
1 - 너무 별로예요 0%


청결 상태


직원 및 서비스


편의 시설/서비스


숙박 시설 상태 및 시설

4/5 좋아요

좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설
2018년 7월에 1박 숙박함

5/5 훌륭해요

좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
Debbie and Dean were excellent hosts. The food was wonderful. I would highly recommend the B&B. It's close to the Creation museum and the Ark both worth seeing.
2018년 5월에 2박 숙박함

5/5 훌륭해요

좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
I would recommend Tuttle's Folly to anyone.
Debbie and Dean are the perfect host and hostess. They make you feel at home, almost part of the family.

5/5 훌륭해요

좋아요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함
So welcoming, like visiting with close relatives.
My stay at Tuggles' Folly with Dean & Debbie was like staying with favorite relatives for the weekend. I felt like I was at my own family homestead. Each of their displayed antiques reminded me of someone or something from my past. ("My mom had one of these," I said repeatedly.) Dean & Debbie have put a lot of thought and effort into making their guests feel at home, from the heirloom quilts adorning the comfortable beds to the scent and modest size of the bathroom soaps. They were also agreeable to any request I had: May I store medicine in the refrigerator; could I microwave a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed; would they heat some water for my thermos? Breakfast, in the formal dining room, was served promptly at the scheduled time. During my stay, I sampled Dean's pecan waffles, apple pancakes, and vegetable omelets. All were very good. My puppy traveled with me, and we enjoyed early morning walks along Homes Hill Rd. and evening games of ball in the B&B's large grassy backyard. Twice, rather than eating alone at some restaurant, I brought back takeout for my evening meals, and enjoyed Dean & Debbie's hospitable company. It was relaxing. I had an awesome spring time visit and would do it again. P.S. The morning I left, I spotted a wild tom turkey in full feather strutting his stuff for a hen. What a sight!

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