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  • 인기 명소
    펫코 파크
    차로 11분
  • 인기 명소
    시포트 빌리지
    차로 13분
  • 공항
    샌디에이고, 캘리포니아 (SAN-샌디에이고 국제공항)
    차로 13분
  • 인기 명소
    샌디에이고 컨벤션센터
    차로 14분

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    인근 명소

    • 발보아 파크 - 차로 6분
    • 펫코 파크 - 차로 11분
    • USS 미드웨이 박물관 - 차로 13분
    • 시포트 빌리지 - 차로 13분
    • 샌디에이고 컨벤션센터 - 차로 14분


    • San Diego Santa Fe역 - 차로 11분 거리
    • 8th St Trolley 역 - 걸어서 8분 거리
    • 샌디에이고, 캘리포니아 (SAN-샌디에이고 국제공항) - 차로 13분 거리

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    • 베이뷰 스위트 호텔 내셔널 시티

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    • 별로예요: 청결 상태, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설

    Thought it would be better

    The walls were dirty and had holes in them; no hot water for our showers; TV remote didn't work and some channels faded in and out. The bathroom was clean, for which we were grateful, and the desk staff at checkin were helpful. The view was great!


    • 별로예요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함

    Not Impressed

    I was very disappointed with the first room we were in. The room smelt like mildew so bad it was making my family nauseated. We then called to be put in another room and the person who brought up the new room key was very rude. The second room was better but I would not stay in that hotel again due to the lack of cleanliness or the fact that items were broken in the room and you could not use the down arrow for the elavator. We had to push the up button to get the elevator to come to the floor we were staying on. I was not satisfied with the breakfast offered either.


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      • 별로예요: 직원 및 서비스

      Beautiful View

      The size of the suites were great! Out my front door I could see the ocean and out the back window I could see the mountains, it was gorgeous!! There were some things that I was not impressed with, crayon marks on the wall, the elevator's down button didn't work, the continental breakfast was VERY basic, but overall I was pleased with my stay.


      • 별로예요: 청결 상태, 직원 및 서비스, 숙박 시설 상태 및 시설, 객실의 편안함

      Um, are you serious?

      Where should I start? The check in procedure was an absolute labor. Took about 15 minutes to confirm my stay and get my key. The key didn't work so I asked a housekeeper to see if her master key would open my door...it didn't. So I go back downstairs to get another room. Instead they send me back upstairs with a maintenance man to see if he can get the door open with the key that I just tried. Did they think that I was that incompetent? So anyways, he can't get it open either so we go back to the lobby to find another room. They put me on the top floor (floor 12) and finally, this room key works but there's a crazy loud fan noise in my room. I request to get moved to one of the lower floors (floor 8) and still I hear this loud noise. To make things worse, the bed sagged like crazy and I just had one of the worst nights sleep ever!! I do not recommend this place to anyone. Poor service, poor facilities, poor stay!

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