Oakwood ExecuStay at Meridian Park side provides temporary housing guests with an experience like no other. Whether you prefer a stroll at the quiet and serene 456 acre sandy bottom nature park a recreation and wildlife wonderland located next door or a night out on the town with friends at one of the many upscale restaurants located just down the street/ Meridian Parkside offers both. Residents at our Meridian Parkside Corporate Apartments lounge by the resort-style pool with wi-fi/ work out at the state-of-the-art cardio wellness center or catch up on work in the resident business center. Just minutes from city center/ Meridian Parkside furnished apartments are the perfect location for travelers desiring a convenient location and a perfect home away from home.

Execustay At Meridian Parkside

아파트 편의 시설

  • 총 객실 수 - 248 
  • 층 수 - 4 
  • 비즈니스 센터 
  • 커피숍 또는 카페 
  • 헬스클럽 

가족 여행 편의 시설

  • 주방  
  • 냉장고  
  • 전자레인지  
  • DVD 플레이어  

객실 편의 시설

  • DVD 플레이어 
  • 주방 
  • 전자레인지 
  • 냉장고 
  • 커피/티 메이커 
  • 매일 하우스키핑 
  • 다리미/다리미판 

아파트 정책


체크인 시작 시간: 15:30:00


체크아웃 시간: 12:00:00

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